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American DCI
Imported LED lights

Temperature display
Intuitive visual temperature adjustable

With linkage mechanism and
chair lifting safety protection system

The damping-type hanging rack is clean and sanitary to prevent the equipment from falling due to accidents.

Conjoined Dental Treatment Equipment

CARE-The manufacturing process of the new 33 keeps improving. While retaining the powerful functions of the original 33, DCI technology is used to upgrade the core components to bring a more comfortable experience to doctors or patients.

American DCI imported LED lights, can be induction control, can also be manually controlled, and there are two kinds of white and yellow light source optional. The United States DCI imported cushion system, better the patient experience.

Hang on Hanging down
Care 33儿童-上

This is an ideal dental chair for many doctors

Each of the CARE series dental chairs is manufactured by superb craftsmen to ensure durability and excellent performance. The ergonomic design ensures that patients enjoy unparalleled comfort during treatment to reduce tension during treatment.


DCI Master Control System

DCI Master Control System

Foot Pedal

Foot Pedal

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