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Touch Key

1) full screen touch, stylish design
2) Easy and fast operation

Large Capacity Open Water Storage Tank

1) Open water storage tank, easy to clean.
2) Large capacity: large 7L water storage tank, more durable.
3) The special water quality sensor detects the water quality of distilled water and reduces the failure rate of the machine.

Sterilizable Instruments

Surgical instruments, dental instruments, glassware, injection equipment and other articles that can withstand pressure and high temperature steam.

Two Ways Of Recording

1) USB: The motherboard can store 2000 cycles of data, and USB can be used to download data. You can view all records and print them through a computer.
2) Printer (optional): Print cycle data after the cycle ends

Six Layers Of New Structure Pot Body To Creat New Experiences.

1) The pot body adopts a six-layer structure, one-time fine drawing forming, powder spraying and polishing, which has extremely strong pressure-bearing performance, and has passed 60000 fatigue life experiments. The outer layer is wrapped with ultra-fine microporous foaming technology.
2) After the tray rack is rotated 90 °, 5 trays are used to separate the sterilized items


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Product Parameters


Model Voltage Power Capacity Chamber Size Product Size Weight
  V/Hz W L mm mm N.W(Kgs)
SEA23-B-LED 230/50 1800 23 Φ249X450 594X468X453 50
SEA18-B-LED 230/50 1800 18 Φ249X355 594X468X453 47


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Six-layer pot body structure

Six-layer pot body structure

Double door lock

Double door lock