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Runyes Group 1st Sales Elites Training in 2021



On March 5th,Runyes Exhibition Hall with an area of 800 ㎡ welcomed the first group of guests after its completion.In the next 10 days, nearly 300 sales elites from Runyes Group distributors across the country gathered in Runyes to experience the new products,learn the most cutting-edge knowledge of dental equipments and explore the new marketing strategies.



The meeting was held in the training room of Runyes Group.The Domestic Sales Director Mr. Chen Jun, summarized the company's achievements in the past 20 years with detailed figures and charts, and also clarified the development plan for 2021. Mr. Chen said that with the continuous accumulation and development in the dental field ,Runyes has gained rich experience in building the one-stop platform for dental medical institutions, so that Runyes can provide comprehensive solutions in all aspects.



Qiongyao Xiang , as the training director of Runyes Medical, gave a comprehensive interpretation on the current technical specifications of dental infection control.Interpretation of the new standards and regulations of the dental industry, provides the important help for the smooth development of distributors’ sales work.



In order to help the sales elites to have a better understanding on the product characteristics and Runyes brand , the 7 sales managers of Runyes Group gave their presentations on the advantages,characteristics and the technical improvements of the four product lines: dental unit series, infection control series, imaging series, Digital series.

Runyes has accumulated 21 years of brand heritage, focusing on dental ,with high product quality, good service attitude, short R&D cycle,Runyes has the ability to quickly cater to the changing market and win market reputation.



At the training meeting, Runyes Group President Buguang Xu extended his thanks and gratidudes to the distributors for their support to Runyes Medical in the past 21 years.

“From the accessories to the complete units, and then to the dental industry chain, every change of Runyes is inseparable from the support of distributor friends. Making progress together with the core distributors has been our persistent philosophy in past 21 years. Runyes attaches great importance to the improvement and innovation of the product itself and the production line. As an entrepreneur with an engineer background, it is a very happy thing to make a good product and share it with friends.”



During the training, the sales elites visited the production center and exhibition hall of Runyes Group, all of them praised for the strict quality control requirements of Runyes. In addition, they visited Jiangbei Dental Hospital and Zhenhai Dental Hospital to exchange in-depth views on the operation of dental clinics, and obtained new marketing ideas and concepts.



Every year, Runyes organizes various activities including training sessions, sharing sessions, overseas study tours, charity dinners, etc., and invites distributors to participate together. With the continuous development of China's dental care industry, Runyes Group will continue to create greater value for the industry with an open mind and the tenet of "Created by love,Pursuing exquisite,practical,warm and valuable".