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Runyes Waxberry Festival



As the old Chinese saying goes: “On the Dragon Boat Festival, the waxberries are full of baskets; On the Summer Solstice, the waxberries hang all over the mountain. “ It means that waxberies mature in very short time and the best taste period is only 2 weeks, usually from June 10th to 20th. 



Take this special opportunity, Runyes Group invited domestic distributors across the country to Ningbo to participate in our Waxberry Festival, which we hold every year. 



The dealers came and had fun with their families. The adults experienced the joy of picking waxberries themselves and the kids tasted the freshest fruit which were just picked from the tree. They also learned how to boil waxberry soup, waxberry sauce... Enjoying the freshest waxberries and the cozy holiday, it also enhanced the sincere friendship between partners. Congratulations that Runyes Group’s Annual Waxberry Festival ends perfectly.



Normally there would be another activity for our international partners, however,it is a pity that this year they cannot come due to the COVID issue. We still shared the joy with them through the screen. The internet makes us always be together. Anyway, we believe that with the efforts of various countries and people, it will not be far from the time the “global village” reopens and becomes unimpeded again. Let’s expect for that exciting moment.