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  • Name: CARE-33U Swing Type
  • Time: 2015-09-29
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Top mounted handpiece operating system, hidden design,tidy and beautiful
One-piece PU base,chair-back,base and balance arm are made of aluminium alloy, perfect combination of luxury and steadiness
Dental chair with armored foot control on pedestal
The dental unit use computer intelligent system, with two universal key.By set one key to realize any function, such as control lamp by foot pedal.
The side-box can rotate 90° right angle, convenient for 4-hand operation
90°rotational basin, comfortable and convenient
Computer master control and  side control, with preset button, gargle bit key and reset key
Original imported air and water pipe and handpiece pipe
Linkage structure, chair-back will move as the cushion moves
Safety, with protection device to make sure the operation safety
Foot pedal can control handpiece cooling and blowing function and own step-less speed governing function
Top location of storage bottle mouth, easy for refilling. Alarm when water outage happened.
 Adjustable joint headrest can be used for adults and children
Automatic check on the rack
Adopt ABS engineering plastics and the whole mold making
Suction and strong suction system with time delay function
Reserved place for escalation of  light curing, scaler line and endoscope
When the handpiece is working, dental chair will automatically keep locked to ensure the operation safety
Through CE certification, ISO 13485 certification, ISO 9001: 2000 certification

Danger:Power supply must have a reliable grounding wire
Warm: cut off the power before cleaning and maintain
Tips: cut off the general power after work
1. there should be enough space for operation around the device.
2. Clean the hydrocele in Air filtering pressure reducing valve in time
3. Clean or change water salt filters in time
4. Avoid high pressure when use turbine handpiece,or will shorten the service life
5. Avoid use handpiece without filling burs, or will shorten the service life
6. Make sure the headrest locked after adjust headrest
7. Avoid using crude rag and reduce the cleaning time when clean the oral lamp
8. Forbidden hand touch when oral lamp is working
9. With something covered on the bulb when change the oral lamp bulb
10. Forbidden turn on the water heating switch without water
11. Avoid put too much thing on the instrument tra
12. Reset the dental chair after work
13. Try to keep the environment clean and dry to extend the service life

The warranty for this product is one-year from the day you purchase this product. During this period, any problem under normal usage circumstance and obey the operation manual,our company will be responsible for giving free maintain.
1. Provide free customer guidance by experts
2. Provide free parts during warranty
3. Provide free solutions and technical support during warranty
4. Promise 24 hours Q&A system, and provide solution within 3 days
5. Technician will provide door-to-door service if product goes wrong during warranty

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