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  • Name: CLEAN-01
  • Time: 2015-09-29
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Basin size:        250X174X78mm

Product size:    455X275X210mm

Basin capacity: 3L

Max. Length of instruments: 26.6cm

Timing:             6 types

Temperature:   3 types

Frequency:      35000Hz

Voltage:           AC 220-240V, 50Hz

Power:             170W

N.W.:               5.1kgs


1. Vibration cleaner is made by Runyes for cleaning the medical or dental or ophthalmic or other surgical instruments. Special for cleaning instruments with complicated shape,with lots of cracks, and glabrous and weak instruments and also can be used to clean small medical instrument, pinhead, false teeth and so on.
2. Friendly and clear operation plate with digital display makes it easy to operate.
3. Time control system is convenient for you to control the working time, which will improve efficiency clearly.
4. Rinse time can be set from 2 to 30 min,rinse temperature can also be set from 20℃ ~ 80℃ .Power is automatically cut off when is lack of water.
5. Accessories:  big cleaning basket        1set
                 small cleaning basket      1set
                 Water outlet tube          1set
                 power cord                 1set

working condition:please place it in ventilation well environment, leaving at least 10cm space between other machines.
1. Please don't use other power cords except the appointed one. Or it may cause a fire or a shock
2. Please don't put in the plug or take off the plug with wet hands
3. Place the machine on a plane place.
4. Keep the heat removal window on the shell of cleaner clean for avoiding jammed.
5. The water level should between Max and Min
6. Only alcohol hairless cleaning rag can be used to clean the machine
7. Please take off the plug when you don't need use it for a long time.

The warranty for this product is one-year from the day you purchase this product. During this period, any problem under normal usage circumstance and obey the operation manual,our company will be responsible for giving free maintain.
1. Provide free customer guidance by experts
2. Provide free parts during warranty
3. Provide free solutions and technical support during warranty
4. Promise 24 hours Q&A system, and provide solution within 3 days

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