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  • Name: LUB90(B)
  • Time: 2015-09-29
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1. It is designed to clean and lubricate the handpiece
2. 3 handpiece can be cleaned and lubricated at the same time
3. The Care 3 Plus swing pinion can clean and lubricate the handpiece efficiently in different angles
4. You can press the Air Button to clean the rest oil after cleaning and lubrication
5. You can fill the oil in different mode, such as short, medium and long mode, according different kinds of handpiece
6. The oil mist filter cotton can prevent the spread of oil mist to the minium degree

Attention of Danger items
1. Installation, Use and Oil fulfill should be far from exposure and fire
2. Avoided of direct sunshine and 40℃ above
3. Avoided of other use that is not mentioned in instruction. Place it on ventilation regularly. If there is any smell, turn off the machine and put it on ventilation in time.
Attention of Warm items
1. Do not touch the wire with wet hands
2. Do not wet the machine to avoid fire or electric shock
3. Do not disassembly or replace component of machine. Please contact with the dealer for after service
4. If there is any smoke or smell of burnt resin, please turn off the machine immediately and contact with the dealer for help
5. Please put it at horizontal position. Avoid of sudden drop
Attention of Safety items:
1. The handpiece should be sterilized after lubricating
2. Keep the machine under 10℃~40℃ and humidity of 25~75%RH, away from direct sunshine,
3. Keep 5 cm space around machine when install
4. Air pressure should be under 0.35~0.60Mpa(3.5~6.0kgf/cm²)(50~80psi)
5. Please do not remove oil cap during operation
6. When fulfill the lubricating oil, please ensure the machine is working
7. If the machine stops abnormally, it needs to wait 5 seconds to remove the oil cap

The warranty for this product is one-year from the day you purchase this product. During this period, any problem under normal usage circumstance and obey the operation manual,our company will be responsible for giving free maintain.
1. Provide free customer guidance by experts
2. Provide free parts during warranty
3. Provide free solutions and technical support during warranty
4. Promise 24 hours Q&A system, and provide solution within 3 days

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