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  • Name: SEAL 120 Sealing Machine
  • Time: 2016-03-31
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Voltage: AC 230V, 50-60Hz

Power: 100W

Indentation width: 12mm

Max sealing width: 300mm

Sealing speed: 7.5m/Minute

Sealing temperature: 200±100 Degree

Package size: 545X440X240mm

N/G weight: 4.8kgs/7kgs



Only 3 min. heating to reach 200±100 Degree

Keep constant temperature


Operation mode:

When the green light stops flashing, get ready to work

The heandles can be in 2 directions operation

Keep pressing the handle>3seconds--Sealing completed

Keep pressing the handle>6seconds--It will make alarm

Keep pressing the handle>30seconds--Automatic poer-off protection 

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